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Our Story

Our vision is to become the most preferable menswear brand that liked and needed by people.

The Philosophy

We strongly believe that quality is better than quantity.
That's why we aim to make the BEST MENSWEAR for across generations that FIT and COMFORTABLE in every situation.

The History

We come from Bandung city, Indonesia. This city also well known as one of iconic fashion place in Indonesia. Laksana street become our first place to work with our team and skillful tailors. From the moment, we had commitment to make shirt with the best quality.

Our Story - DRM WEAR

The Beginning


The Shirt

Shirt is our first product that we launch. For several years, we focus on shirt and always interest with fabric, collar, button, and pattern.

“YES”! our EXPERTISE in shirt make us different and trusted by our customer. Qualified fabrics meet the qualified tailors with continuously improvement and innovation made us as an Unstoppable merchant.

About the Quality

  • Made from selected and best fabrics that fit in your body
  • Sewn up with skillful and experienced hands of tailors
  • Checked by the best quality control team and other support systems
  • Guaranteed quality due to all process were made in our own convection factory

Our Mission

  • Commit to made creative, innovative, and qualified products
  • Build a solid and professional management
  • Give the best service and build customer trust/ loyalty
  • Make good network among stakeholders

We Guarantee